Choosing a Document Hosting Platform

Choosing a Document Hosting Platform

Existing eDiscovery software is slow: slow at search, slow at document navigation, and burdened by complex configuration and endless options that require lawyers to rely on IT staff, litigation support, and vendors. These problems are compounded by modern data sets of millions or tens of millions of documents in major cases and investigations.

DISCO solves these problems. DISCO is an all-in-one eDiscovery platform that handles everything after data collection. DISCO provides complete processing, early case assessment, hosted review with full analytics, unlimited users, and unlimited digital productions. DISCO delivers 1/3 second searching and 1/10 second document navigation, even on multi-TB datasets. And DISCO lets lawyers do everything themselves using familiar Westlaw- and Lexis-style search syntax from a simple three-screen interface that is consistent across projects.

Lawyers love DISCO. DISCO is the fastest and simplest platform for finding evidence in large collections of documents and email. DISCO delivers 10x faster searching and navigating than competing products on even the largest multi-TB datasets saving time and money for the client. DISCO is designed for lawyers who want to focus on winning cases, not dealing with eDiscovery. Lawyers can do everything from their desks, store and search productions in multiple matters from one database and rely on sensible defaults for all ingest, tagging, and production options. DISCO has three screens to learn, one for searching, one for reviewing and one for productions. The DISCO interface is constant across all projects and screens, so you only need to learn DISCO once.


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