Archiving Documents

Digital Verdict scanning and document archival services recently completed a document scanning

project that involved the document scanning of over 700 boxes to be destroyed, but first the client

wanted to utilize Dallas’ document scanning services here at Digital Verdict. The documents scanned

were to be archived, so the client hired Digital Verdict, Inc. for document scanning and archival of their

files. The document scanning went on over a few months and we were required to provide .pdfs of

their files before they were to be archived. Folders were scanned and kept in order to allow the client

to search the digital database for individual files when needed.

The scanning of documents was quality checked for accuracy and all documents scanned were QC‘d

and achieved the high standards of the client and Digital Verdict document scanning services. The client

chose Digital Verdict document scanning and Digital Verdict document archival based on great pricing

and high document scanning accuracy. At the end of the project, the client was very happy with the high

quality of the document scanning service provided by Digital Verdict document scanning and document

archival service.

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